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Summer League

Athena Lacrosse offers a dynamic and engaging Summer League for players of all levels.

Our Summer League is designed to provide players with the opportunity to develop their skills and compete in a fun and supportive environment.


Summer League is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This allows players to compete at a level that is appropriate for their skills and experience. Our coaches provide personalized instruction and support to ensure that each player is challenged and supported in their development.

Our League is structured like a weekly practice, taking place on Wednesdays. During these sessions, players learn a variety of skills, including stick skills, lacrosse IQ, and position-specific skills. Our coaches use a variety of drills and activities to keep players engaged and motivated, while also promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Athena Lacrosse Summer League is a great way for players to stay active and engaged during the summer months, while also building their skills and confidence on the field. 

2024 info:

Wednesday evenings

June 5 - July 17


No League July 3rd

July 24 as a make-up if needed*

Beginner / Rhea (grades 3-7)

Intermediate / Hera (grades 6-12)

Advanced / Artemis (grades 7-12)


Bath Community Park

1615 N Cleveland-Massillon Rd, Akron Ohio 44333


Beginner: 5:30-7pm

Intermediate and Advanced: 7-8:30pm

Cost: $125 

Includes 6 weeks of league, plus an included make up date, and a pinnie

with registration by May 15th!

**USA Lacrosse membership required for all participants

Visit to look up your number or to register


Winter League

Athena Lacrosse also offers an exciting Winter League for players looking to stay active and improve their skills during the off-season. Our Winter League takes place in January and February and is designed to prepare players for their upcoming spring season.


Winter League is structured like a weekly practice, with sessions taking place on a regular schedule. Our coaches focus on developing players' skills, such as stick handling, passing, and shooting, as well as their understanding of game strategy and situational awareness. We offer different levels of play to accommodate players of all skill levels and experience.

2024 Winter League 

Grades 7-12

Sundays 5-6:30p

January 7th and 21st

February 4th and 18th

Springside Athletic Club

215 Springside Dr. Akron, OH




The Beginners League is designed for players in grades 3 and up who are new to and excited about lacrosse. These players need to work on the fundamental skills of catching, throwing, rules, and gameplay. This league is ideal for those who are starting out and want to develop a solid foundation in lacrosse

The Intermediate League is designed for players who have already developed some fundamental skills in lacrosse, specifically catching and throwing on their dominant side, and are also familiar with their non-dominant side.

This league is ideal for those who have experience and want to continue building their skills and understanding of the game. This group will focus on continued growth of stick skills, developing offensive and defensive play, and increasing lacrosse IQ.

This level is recommended for players in grade 6 and up who are confident in their ability to play the sport and are looking to take their game to the next level.

The Advanced League is designed for experienced players who have already developed strong skills in lacrosse, specifically with both their dominant and non-dominant stick skills and are looking to continue learning and playing at a high level.

This league is ideal for those who have played the sport for several years and have a deep understanding of game strategy and teamwork. The focus of the Advanced League is on developing positional skills, playing with other skilled players, and continuing to grow their game and lacrosse IQ.

Players will work on advanced drills and gameplay to fine-tune their skills, as well as learn advanced strategies and plays.

This level is recommended for players in grade 8 and up who are serious about the sport and are looking to continue to challenge themselves and take their game to the highest level possible.



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