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College Coaches Clinic

Our college coaches clinic is geared towards high level players that are looking to improve their game through better understanding of concepts and skill development. Our goal is to help athletes prepare to play at a higher level.


Position Specific Clinics

Athena Lacrosse offers position-specific clinics to help players improve their skills in specific areas of the game. Our clinics are designed to provide personalized, small group instruction to help players develop their skills and technique.

Our draw clinics focus on improving players' technique and strategy for winning draw controls, a critical aspect of the game.

Goalie clinics provide specialized training for goalies, including positioning, footwork, and save technique.

Our defense clinics focus on improving players' ability to defend against opposing players, including footwork, stick work, and communication.

Offense clinics provide specialized training for offensive players, including shooting, dodging, and stick work.

All of our position-specific clinics are led by experienced coaches who have a deep understanding of the specific skills and strategies required for each position. Our small group instruction allows players to receive personalized feedback and support, helping them to improve their skills and confidence on the field.

At Athena Lacrosse, we believe that a strong foundation in the fundamentals is key to success on the field. Join us for our position-specific clinics and take your game to the next level!

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