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Athena Coaching Atmosphere

You set an example for your team, parents, and players. Simply put, Be the Example…  If you have players or parents who are not carrying themselves in a proper manner, please address these situations.  If you are not comfortable doing so or would like guidance in these situations please reach out to Keely or Terri.


We do not yell at our players we coach the players…  I see a lot of coaches in lacrosse and other sports that think yelling is coaching... it's not.

Handle your players like an employee at your work… if you yell at them all the time they will tune you out as white noise.  I am speaking from decades of experience as a coach and a mom (of doing things the right way and wrong way).  Allow them to play with confidence, some creativity, and freedom and they will reach any goal we have set for them. 

If you are here at Athena, we trust you to keep a fun and productive atmosphere. These girls are here to improve, we are here to guide them and grow their love of the game.

Below are the expectations in a more formal format, please review.

Expectations and Responsibilities of Athena Lacrosse Coaches

  1. The coaches will maintain the role of coach as a professional and will keep the role of coach in proper perspective by:

    1. Developing and communicating clear and specific goals for the team and individual players throughout tryouts and the season.

    2. Maintaining open and honest communication with athletes, parents, and other coaches.

    3. Developing and demonstrating a good knowledge base of the best practice specific to their coaching arena.

    4. Supporting and collaborating with coaches in other athletic programs.

    5. Modeling and teaching skills necessary to succeed.

  2. The coaches will be positive role models in behavior, ethics and sportsmanship by:

    1. Connecting athletic experiences with life experiences.

    2. Providing an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration among coaches and players.

    3. Becoming part of the “Athena family” by interacting with administrators, coaches, parents and athletes.

    4. Modeling good sportsmanship at all times.

    5. Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for athletes.

    6. Encouraging athletes in their successes in other endeavors outside lacrosse.

    7. Sharing your love for the sport and remember to have fun!

  3. Administrative responsibilities of Athena Coaches

    1. Coaches will arrive on time to all practices and team events

      1. 15 minutes prior to practice

      2. For safety reasons, we ask coaches to stay at the field until all players have been picked up.

    2. Coaches will prepare a practice plan that is both challenging, goal-driven, and appropriate for the level of play.

    3. Coaches are able to delegate tasks and effectively explain drills and plays.

    4. Any conflicts or issues will be reported to the administrative staff (Terri or Keely) and will be handled by the administrative staff.

    5. Any injuries or issues on the field need to be recorded on an incident report which is done through the Coaches Portal. If a head injury has occurred, you must contact the emergency contact. You can find the emergency contacts for current players through the Coaches Portal as well.



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