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Answers to All Your Inquiries

Travel Team Tryout Information

Athena Lacrosse is excited to offer travel teams for the Fall 2022-Summer 2023 season. The travel teams are available to all northeast Ohio girls lacrosse players regardless of school or if they are currently playing for another club team. We welcome all players interested in summer tournament lacrosse to try out for Athena travel teams.

When are tryouts?


Tryouts for our Fall 2022 - Summer 2023 Travel Teams will be Sunday, August 28, 2022!

2029/2030 & 2027/2028 12:30-2pm

2024-2026 2:30pm-4pm

Bath Hill Park, 763 N Revere Rd, Akron, OH 44333

Register by clicking the link below!

Stay tuned for more details on our fall/summer schedules.

What do I do the day of tryouts?

Please arrive 20 minutes before your tryout to facilitate check-in. Payment, online registration form and a current US Lacrosse membership are required to participate in tryouts.

Get a Tryout Number
You will be given a numbered bib when you check in for tryouts. Please attach it to your pinnie as we will be evaluating you under this number.

DO NOT trade numbers. The wrong player will be evaluated if you do this.

Get Yourself Ready
Pinnies will be provided at the tryout upon check in.

Please put on the pinnie and attach your bib number.

Please wear appropriate footwear – cleats are preferred for outdoor grass fields but sneakers are acceptable.

Please wear indoor footwear for indoor fields – no cleats or metal spikes.

Bring your own water/drinks. 

Players will not be allowed to participate without all required equipment. Players must provide all equipment: stick, goggles and mouthguard. All sticks must be field lacrosse legal.

What do I need?

All forms are required to participate in tryouts! If you are currently playing in an Athena Lacrosse league or complete all online registration materials, you do not need to complete new forms unless your information has changed. All Athena registration materials can be completed online.

Completed Online Registration

Valid US Lacrosse number


Payment (online, mail in advance or bring the day of)

How are teams selected?

We have numerous coaches evaluate the players during drills and small group play at the tryout.
The coaches are looking at attitude, coachability, respect, teamwork, stick skills, dodging, defending, shooting skills, small group work and game sense/Lax IQ. After the evaluations are complete, the coaches meet to discuss every player who is being evaluated. Each coach gets one vote on each player. The players with the most votes are placed on the teams.

How many players are on the team roster?

Each team will have approximately 16-22 players. The exact composition varies by team, but in general we will have 5-6 defense players, 6-8 midfielders, 5-6 attack players and 1-2 goalies.

Are the teams pre-determined? Do all the prior year players make the team?

Absolutely not!
We are 100% committed to giving every player a fair evaluation and selecting only those that earn a spot. As a result, every year there will be new players that make the teams and players on the current teams that do not. We will also have girls who make the team who were cut the year before. To ensure everyone will get a fair evaluation, we do the following:

Everyone has tryouts on the same day(s) – there will be 1-2 make up dates
No returning player will be able to wear her travel team pinnie at tryouts
All players are referred to in evaluation and drills by their tryout bib number, not their name
We are committed to giving every player a fair evaluation and selecting only those who earn a spot!

Am I eligible to play?

High School (class of 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026) 
We will form teams based on skill and/or graduation year. If an appropriate number of players are not available for each graduating year, then competing in an “open division” as a team of mixed graduation years in the tournaments is required. We may also have open teams grouped by skill level.

Middle School (class of 2027 and 2028)
Similar to the high school age groupings, we plan to have one team for each grade level. If we do not have enough players qualify at the tryouts to have multiple teams, we will have one team comprised of players from multiple graduation classes.

NOTE: Birthdays have nothing to do with the teams, it is all dependent on high school graduation year.

NOTE: We will decide upon the appropriate teams based on the quality and quantity of players at tryouts.

Youth (class of 2029 and 2030)
If we have enough girls, we will have a youth travel team comprised of players in graduating classes of 2029 and 2030 (5th and 6th graders for 2022-23 school year). 

When will I know if I made the team?

All players attending tryouts will receive an email in the weeks following tryouts letting you know if you did or did not qualify for the teams. If you are chosen as a starter or an alternate, you will receive additional information concerning the travel team cost and payment schedule, tournament locations and schedules, practice information including location and schedules, information and transportation and hotels, and uniform costs.

At this time, we are hard pressed to give an exact cost for the tournament teams until we have a better idea of the number of players we will have on the teams.

Whether or not a player makes a travel team, we value everyone who is a member of Athena Lacrosse. We urge all players to continue to join us for our seasonal leagues, camps and clinics. We want every girl to know she is important to our lacrosse family. Regardless of what level each girl can compete, our primary goal is to help each player learn this wonderful game and encourage them to play into their adult years. Hopefully most will enjoy playing catch with their kids in the future.

Thank you for reading all of this information concerning travel team tryouts for Athena Lacrosse! Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What is my commitment?

High School (2023, 2024, 2025, 2026)
Athena Lacrosse strives to provide both players and their families with the best experience possible during our summer travel season. We also strive to provide players with the best opportunity to be seen and recruited by college coaches. This is why we require a firm commitment (barring injury, death in the family, etc.) to attend and participate in all practices, scrimmages, and tournaments from all players at the time they accept a roster spot. This commitment will have a direct impact on both our team chemistry and our ability to compete at the top level in tournaments we attend. This has a direct impact on you and your teammates’ abilities to be seen and recruited by college coaches.

The high school team will practice 1-2 times per week and travel to two fall and three summer tournaments.

Please understand that by accepting a spot and registering for the team, you are agreeing to this commitment. In return, your teammates and coaching staff are committed to be there to help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for your understanding as to why commitment is so important.

IMPORTANT: If you make the team but cannot attend all of the summer tournaments, we will attempt to find a replacement. Should that replacement be able to attend all of the tournaments, we will give the replacement your spot and you will be moved to an alternate position for the tournament(s) you can attend. This policy is in place because it is extremely difficult to find replacements and we need to have the broadest latitude in searching for them.

Middle School (2027 and 2028)
If your daughter joins the middle school team, she is expected to attend practices and tournaments. At the younger age groups, this means 1-2 practices a week, two fall and three summer tournaments. 


Youth (2029 and 2030)

If your daughter joins the youth team, she is expected to attend practices and tournaments. At the younger age groups, this means 1-2 practices a week and 1-2 summer tournaments.

We believe that you and your daughter should have the summer to travel, relax, visit and be kids. As a result, we limit the travel team time constraints and requirements on your daughter and your family.

What is Athena's commitment to me?

Unlike programs that 1.) make unrealistic promises (“all of our players get into Division 1 programs”), 2.) just look to churn and burn players (“we take anyone as long as they can pay”) or 3.) don’t care if they help your daughter by putting her in the best position to excel (e.g. take teams to tournaments they go 0-5 at), Athena Lacrosse’s staff strives to do everything possible to improve your daughter’s fundamental skills (stick skills and lax IQ) and help her achieve her future goals, whether it is to play in college or to be the best high school player she can be. To that end, our staff does the following:

Give you an honest evaluation of your daughter’s ability

Our staff has over 40 years of combined experience coaching, playing lacrosse and helping players. We use that knowledge and experience to help guide your daughter through the college recruiting process so that she finds a school at which she can succeed both academically and athletically. For example, if your daughter is 5’1″, runs a 5.8 40-yard dash and carries a 2.6 GPA, we will not set her and you up for failure by making unrealistic promises that we can get her into The University of Maryland (national D1 champs). Instead, we will work to get her into a D3 school where she can handle the academics and compete athletically.

Use our network of college coaches to find a place for your daughter to play in college

Unlike some of the other programs out there who know only a few college coaches and are only willing to email them, our coaching staff will utilize an extensive list of college coaches that we will actually call on your daughter’s behalf.

Make calls on your daughter’s behalf to the college programs of her choice

We want to stress what was stated above. In an effort to help your daughter get recruited by the schools she has a strong interest in attending, our staff calls the coaches at those schools to impress upon them your daughter’s qualifications and desire to play for them. College coaches have repeatedly told club coaches, parents, and prospective players that this is the number one thing that programs, players and parents can do for their recruitment.

Work to improve your daughter’s lacrosse ability so that she can succeed at the next level

Our coaches will work diligently with your daughter to develop and implement solid fundamental skills and lax IQ through our practices, clinics and camps. These give our players the opportunity to improve their skills and lax IQ while receiving the detailed small group instruction that will allow her to be best prepared to showcase her talent in front of college coaches.

Attend tournaments that allow your daughter to showcase her talent in front of college coaches

Our coaches work with the college coaches and tournament directors to ensure that we are attending the top tournaments and competing against the correct level of teams so that our players will get recruited. It does your daughter no good, and actually harms her chances, to attend a tournament and play against teams with much higher or lower skill levels. We will find the right fit for our players at every tournament we attend.

Focus exclusively on your daughter

We will make sure to effectively communicate with both players and parents to ensure we are all following the same path. On the field our coaches will help develop the skills your daughter needs the most focus on to help her achieve her lacrosse goals.

Off the field we will be asking each student athlete to do her part by being a person of the highest character on and off the field, and achieving the highest level of academic grades she can provide for herself. Nothing will be more beneficial to any student athlete than her grades; grades give you the best opportunity to be recruited!

Please understand we do none of the above for those not fully committed to our travel teams.

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