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 Stick Stringing Service

Stringing Women's Lacrosse Stick Basics

There are many different effects that stringing can have on how one plays their position. There are four common styles seen in women’s lacrosse sticks. Recently mesh has become legal in girls sticks as well and has many benefits.


There are endless options of products and styles in women’s lacrosse so don’t stop exploring. These are just some common introductions to variable styles.

While each description looks position oriented, this isn’t an ultimate authority on that product’s use. Each player is different, so it is important to recognize what your needs as a player are and find the product to fit you.

Do your research when deciding on a product and ask questions too. Becoming more knowledgeable about the stick only helps you use it better.

Please remember, cost and time allotted to complete your stick will depend style of pocket, and cost of supplies. Each stick will be assessed individually.


Traditional Leather Pocket 

Our Women's Traditional Lacrosse Pocket is strung with 4 leathers and all crosslace. The traditional outside channels are strung to the leathers to give the pocket a structure that allows the center channel to break in moderately. As the inner leathers break in the pocket's control and velocity make up for the longer break in time.


Launch Pocket

Tested in multiple weather conditions to improve durability

Tapered runner system helps to drive the ball to the sweet spot and increase ball control

Chevrons will flex out and hug the ball for improved feel

Pocket shape has been specifically engineered to maintain pocket shape and keep legal over extended use


Runway Pocket

The traditional outside channels are strung to the leathers to give the pocket a structure that allows the center channel to break in fast. The Runway piece spreads around the ball giving the pocket a ton of control with unmatched precision and feel.


Mesh-X Pocket

Mesh heads could ultimately increase your control and accuracy overnight. Starting with mesh will also create an easier transition to learning the basics of the game like throwing and catching. With an easy give and a light hold, players will pick up on the techniques crucial for the game very quickly. With this new form of lacrosse stringing, a couple things are still required in the head. For one, shooting strings must still be present on the sidewall of the head, which will keep the pocket from forming too deep. Also, the depth of the pocket must still allow for a portion of the ball to be seen above the head.

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